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I’m Ana, a digital designer that focuses on building and launching products with a meaningful narrative and attention to detail

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I'm a digital designer based in Portugal that likes to describe herself as a multidisciplinary, hands-on designer –– having studied multimedia design where coding skills and AI knowledge were heavily endorsed –– and with a post-grad in editorial & graphic design, my interests tend to meet right in the middle of these disciplines.

I’ve learned interface/product design at a design agency Significa. Started as an intern and ended up taking projects head-on within an environment that encouraged self-management and responsibility.

Right now I do contract work with teams around the world helping them with design and learning all kinds of interesting things in return.

Send a message to ana@heyana.co and I’ll get back to you with too many emojis ✨ You can stalk me some more on Twitter, Dribbble or Behance –– or read my full CV.

This website is working only as a short introduction, message me to see my full portfolio 🌿